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A refrigerator is the most important part of the kitchen. You have this kitchen appliance to keep your meats, dairy, beverages and fruits and vegetables cold before it’s time to eat or cook with them. A broken refrigerator can lead to melted or thawed food that will have to be thrown out. No one wants to throw out good food into the garbage.

That’s why it is very important to address all refrigerator issues immediately! We recommend to hire a refrigerator repair service in Pomona, CA that offers same-day service to diagnose and repair refrigerator and freezer problems.

Here’s the deal. You’re the right place! Crown Pomona Appliance Repair knows how to diagnose and repair almost all refrigerator issues during the first appointment on the very same day you call us. Our technicians will work quickly to guarantee your refrigerator or freezer is running and so no food that has to be thrown away.



We get more service calls concerning refrigerator noises than any other problems for freezers or refrigerators. The most common reason for noises coming from a refrigerator is the condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor inside of the freezer. If possible, Try to figure out where the noise comes from before you call so we can ensure our repairmen bring the right tools and parts to correct the problem.


Our trained technicians are able to repair refrigerator leaks too. The most common causes for a refrigerator leaking is a broken water inlet valve or an issue with the door closure or latch. We stock our trucks with the necessary appliance parts and standard tools to start and finish repairs during the first visit!


There are only three main reasons a refrigerator doesn’t run. The most obvious reason is if it is not plugged in or when there is a tripped circuit breaker in the kitchen. The other two reasons are a temperature control problem or something is wrong with the compressor overload relay. Be sure your refrigerator is plugged in and that all circuit breakers are on before calling us.


An ice maker not making ice isn’t much use. We can repair it! The main issues with ice makers are temperature control in the freezer, broken fill tubes or a malfunctioning water inlet valve. There are times ice makers work too slow or make bad smelling ice. We can repair those issues as well!


Issues with temperature are extremely common regarding a broken refrigerator. A refrigerator that’s warm is often due to a malfunctioning air inlet damper. A refrigerator that’s very cold is because of a problem with the thermistor or temperature control. This will be the same for a residential freezer that’s too cold. We are able to repair refrigerator and freezer temperature problems on almost all popular models and brands.


The water dispenser on your refrigerator won’t dispense water if the water inlet valve or dispenser actuators dpn’t work. A water dispenser problem is a rare